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International Labour Organization

In the social field, the Mission also follows the work of the oldest UN agency, the International Labour Organization (ILO), whose main objective is to endeavour towards improving social justice and the status of workers all over the world. Its competences also include the improvement of working conditions and living standards through international actions and the strengthening of economic and social stability.

The main bodies of the International Labour Organization include the International (ministerial) Labour Conference, the Governing Body and the International Labour Office (secretariat). All three bodies have tripartite structure, composed of government, employer and worker representatives.

The ILO member States meet at the International Labour Conference in June of each year, in Geneva. Each Member State is represented by two government delegates, an employer delegate and a worker delegate. The head of delegation is usually a line minister. Employer and worker delegates can freely express themselves and vote according to instructions received from their organizations.

The Conference establishes and adopts international labour standards and is a forum for discussion of key social and labour questions. It also adopts the Organization's budged and elects the Governing Body.

The Governing Body meets three times a year in Geneva. It takes decisions on ILO policy and establishes the program and the budget, which it then submits to the Conference for adoption. It also elects the Director-General.

The Organisation has currently 183 Member States. Slovenia became ILO Member State on 29 May 1992 and regularly takes part in the sessions of the Governing Body with a tripartite delegation composed of government, employer and worker representatives.

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