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Izjava RS v letni celodnevni razpravi o pravicah otroka II

16th Session of the Human Rights Council
Intervention by SLOVENIA

2nd Panel: Conditions of children living and/or working on the street:
prevention strategies and response

Mr Chairman, Madam Deputy High Commissioner, distinguished panellists,

Allow me first to express Slovenia’s alignment to the statement of the European Union.

The debate of the first panel showed the diversity of causes and factors for which children end up living or working on the street. Once on the street, they are subjected to different forms of violence, abuse and exploitation. As diverse are the causes and their situation, so diverse is the response - actions to protect these children and prevent their further exploitation and abuse. One-size-fits-all is never the rights answer, as also confirmed by the distinguished panellists this afternoon.

Mr Chairman,

One of the many dangers that children on the street face is trafficking. Slovenia addresses the issue of trafficking by implementing two-year action plans, in which special attention is devoted to children. In this regard the prevention of trafficking is of key importance. Special emphasis is given to awareness-raising projects in primary and secondary schools, among them a project named “Vijolica” carried out since 2002, and special care for unaccompanied children (migrants and asylum seekers). All the activities are carried out in good partnership between governmental and non-governmental organisations.

Allow me to mention another project aimed also at preventing young people to end up on the street. It is called PUM (Project learning for young adults) and intended for people aged 15 to 25, who for various reasons dropped out of school.
Question: The issue of children living and/or working on the street is a global issue. I would like to ask on the opinion of the distinguished panellists on how to improve the exchange of best practices?

Finally, I would like to express Slovenia’s strong support to the work of the Special Representative on Violence against Children, UNICEF and ILO as well as NGOs that devote their activities to end the plight of children living and/or working on the street.

Thank you, Mr Chairman.