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Sixteenth Session of the Human Rights Council

Item 3 – General Debate
(10 March 2011)

Intervention by H.E. Mr. Matjaž Kovačič, Ambassador
Permanent Representative of the Republic of Slovenia

Thank you Mr. President,

Slovenia would like to fully associate itself with the statement made on behalf of the EU and would like to make some additional remarks on some particular issues discussed under item 3. Due to time constraints the statement will be delivered only partly whereas the entire statement will be posted on the extranet.

All human rights are universal, indivisible, interdependent, and interrelated. All States have the legitimate and permanent responsibility to promote and safeguard all human rights in a fair and equal manner and the international community has an important role to play in encouraging this. We welcome the progressive approach of the Human Rights Council demonstrated in the past year, among others, making concrete steps towards the adoption of the Declaration on Human Rights Education and Training. In our view the declaration is an important document defining the importance of knowing ones own rights and rights of others, importance of awareness raising, universality, indivisibility, interdependence, and interrelatedness of all rights. Let me once more express the hope that the constructive discussions on this issue held in the past year under the facilitation of the Platform on Human Rights Education and Training of which Slovenia is a member will culminate in the adoption of the draft Declaration in the Human Rights Council during this very session.

Knowing ones own rights and rights of others is of particular importance in the context of the global economic and financial crisis which threaten the implementation of not only economic, social and cultural rights but also civil and political rights in many countries around the globe, in particular for the most vulnerable groups of people. We need to act according to the principle of solidarity knowing we all share the same globe. We need to ensure those most disadvantaged a better voice in societies and better access to world’s resources.

Human rights are important considerations when managing the globe we all share. Numerous natural disasters and the global impact of climate change witnessed in the past years put limelight on the relation between human rights and environment - an aspect not yet explored profoundly. Therefore, Slovenia is pleased to present, together with other members of the core group on the issue - Switzerland, Costa Rica and the Maldives, a resolution with request to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to conduct a detailed analytical study on the relationship between human rights and the environment. We invite all states to support endeavours in this regard.

Let me, in the context of the 25th anniversary of the Declaration on the Right to Development, reiterate that Slovenia remains strongly committed to the realization of the right to development for each and every individual. As mentioned in the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action, the right to development is an integral part of fundamental human rights and the lack of development may not be invoked to justify the abridgement of internationally recognized human rights. We also would like to use this opportunity to reiterate that the primary responsibility for the realization of all human rights including the right to development lies at the national level, with states. The role of the international community should complement such to ensure all efforts benefit people in need and according to international human rights norms and standards. We regret that to note that the discussions on the issue of right to development often risk becoming politicized which hinders the right to development to be implemented/put into practice, however, Slovenia will continue to participate in relevant discussions in a constructive way.

Existing human rights norms and the general non-discrimination principle constitute a good basis for the Council’s work on the issue of the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered persons (LGBT). Slovenia would like to reiterate the importance of ending impunity for acts of violence and end penal sanctions against LGBT persons. That is why we would like to point out the significance and our full support to the Joint statement on ending acts of violence and related human rights violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity, prepared for this session and supported by the States from all geographical regions.

The promotion and protection of the rights of all children is a high priority for Slovenia. We welcome the attention given to different aspects of rights of the child during this Council session through the substantive panel discussions held yesterday and through interactive dialogues with special procedures mandate holders. Furthermore, we have been, in the past years, intensively following the development of new optional protocol providing a communication procedure under the Convention on the Rights of the Child. In this regard Slovenia has been – from the very beginning - actively supporting a strong optional protocol.

Thank you, Mr. President.