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Izjava RS v splošni razpravi o človekovih pravicah v Libiji

 Sixteenth Session of the Human Rights Council
Item 4 – Follow-up to the 15th Special Session
(14 March 2011)

Mr. President,
Slovenia aligns itself with the statement made on behalf of the European Union and would like to make the following additional remarks:

We are following the developments in Libya with great concern, as there are signs of a deepening security and humanitarian crisis in the country. We urge the Libyan President, Muammar Gaddafi, to resign, immediately terminate all military action and end the grave violations of human rights which, according to estimates by international humanitarian organisations, have already claimed at least 6000 lives, while 160,000 people were forced to leave the country.

Slovenia welcomes the quick and efficient convocation of the special session of the Council on the urgent and grave human rights situation in Libya and the consensual and substantive outcome of the debate. We further welcome the resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly to suspend Libya from the Human Rights Council, the first case of suspending a country from this global human rights body due to grave and mass human rights violations. We also welcome UN Security Council Resolution 1970 referring developments in Libya since 15 February 2011 to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court.

The main duty of every country is to protect its citizens. If a country fails to do this or is responsible for severe human rights violations and crimes against civilians, then, in accordance with the concept of the ‘responsibility to protect’, the international community assumes responsibility. A very important part of this responsibility is to ensure individual criminal liability at the international level. As crimes against humanity affect not only the people of Libya, but are the concern of our collective conscience, they must not go unpunished. Bearing this in mind, Slovenia welcomes the recent announcement of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court that he will launch an official investigation into the matter.

Mr. President,

In order to contribute to the resolution of the humanitarian crisis in Libya and its neighbouring countries, Slovenia will contribute 50.000 Euros in support of the activities of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

In terms of follow-up to the special session, we urge all States and all relevant actors to keep track of the implementation of relevant commitments.

Thank you, Mr. President.