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Izjava veleposlanika Kovačiča v interaktivnem dialogu z Visoko komisarko ZN za človekove pravice

Sixteenth Session of the Human Rights Council
Item 2
Annual Report of the High Commissioner (3 March 2011)

Intervention by H.E. Mr Matjaž Kovačič, Ambassador/Permanent Representative of the Republic of Slovenia


Thank you Mr President, Madam High Commissioner,

Slovenia fully subscribes to the statement delivered on behalf of the European Union and would like to, also in our national capacity, thank you, Madam High Commissioner for the comprehensive annual report and elaborated presentation, which reflect the important work done by the Office in order to enhance the promotion and protection of human rights. Since many relevant issues were already raised on our behalf by the representative of the EU and the Slovenian Minister of Foreign Affairs in the High Level Segment earlier this week, let me touch upon just a few of the many issues discussed in your report and presentation.
The economic and financial crisis in the past two years, as well as other crisis, has limited the ability of many people around the world to enjoy their economic, social and cultural rights. The violations of these rights have in recent weeks in the South Mediterranean region once again showed their interconnection with civil and political rights and with the stability and security situation of a country. We welcome the reaction of the OHCHR to the situations in Tunisia and Egypt sending teams to those countries. We would be interested about the state of play or even results of the work of the dispatched teams. We would also like to be informed about plans of the OHCHR regarding the assistance to people in Libya. Finally, we would appreciate to get familiarised with OHCHR plans regarding possible preventive activities in the region and elsewhere in order to avoid as much as possible human rights violations in other countries where unrests are likely or possible.     

We would like to express our full agreement with you, Madam High Commissioner, when emphasizing the importance of human rights mechanisms and your call to close “the gap between rhetoric and good intent on the one hand, and measurable results on the other”. In this regard Slovenia still participates in the review exercise of the Council with high expectations. We still expect the review to better prepare and equip the Council to efficiently respond to urgent and grave human rights violations. Through its performance during the last special session - on the situation in Libya - the Council has proven that it can, if there is a will, perform efficiently and pass clear and strong messages which are followed up by further action.

In looking back at the performance of the Council in the past year, we note some significant positive development and would in particular like to express our deep satisfaction about the establishment of the cross-regional Working Group of Experts on the issue of discrimination against women in law and in practice, the development of the process of adoption of the draft Declaration on Human Rights Education and Training, the special procedure on freedom on freedom of assembly and association etc. We would in this regard like to use this opportunity and thank the Office for its assistance in those and other State-lead processes.

In closing, let me once more support your own conclusion – namely your call for concrete results as our paramount goal and to work in a way which will positively touch the lives of people.

Thank you.